Advise Me Mr. Grillo, How Can I Tell if My Oriental Rug Needs Cleaning?

Oriental Rug Needs CleaningBecause Oriental rugs don’t always show soil, people often neglect cleaning.

There are three ways I can recommend testing your Oriental rugs to see if it’s time for cleaning:

  • Move a piece of furniture covering your rug and compare that section with the rest of the rug. If the colors are not as vibrant, it’s time.
  • Bend back the nap of the rug in the most heavily trafficked area to expose the fibers at the base of the knots. If you see dirt or grit that your vacuum hasn’t removed, the rug needs professional care.
  • Unless your rug is antique, worn fringes and edges are often a sign your rug needs cleaning. After cleaning, we can hand sew new fringes and restore worn edges.

You can actually prevent many problems and expensive repairs with periodic cleaning. While rugs in high traffic areas will naturally require more frequent cleaning, we generally recommend cleaning every three to five years.

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