Repair & Restoration

Grillo Oriental Rug Gallery and Care maintains a full service Oriental rug conservation, restoration, and repair department that is well stocked with hundreds of colors of wool, and all the findings necessary to keep your Oriental rugs in excellent condition.

Our skilled hands can accomplish invisible reweaving of holes and tears, or the hand knotting of wool to replace moth damaged areas. Edges and ends are often the first to show signs of wear. We can overcast ends to prevent further raveling, hand sew new fringes, or rewrap worn edges. By promptly attending to any areas that need attention, we can not only prevent further damage to your Oriental rug, but help you avoid a more costly repair in the future.

It is important to note that the decision of whether to choose Oriental rug conservation, restoration, or repair must be guided by the Oriental rug’s replacement cost, condition, age, and historic or art value.