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Maintenance Care is our general oriental rug maintenance cleaning cleaning category for oriental rugs in stable condition that have been reasonably well maintained.

Our Maintenance Care cleaning service provides thorough deep-fiber, dust and grit removal and employs a wet wash process using surfactants long proven safe on wool and Oriental rug dyes.

After rinsing, rugs pass through our rubber coated squeeze rollers removing the excess water, an essential step in safe drying. As a final step, rugs are hand groomed and dried in our engineered dry-room.

After drying, all rugs are vacuumed and treated again for any remaining spots or stains.

Hooked, braided, tufted and other area rugs

Or Additional Care

Our Additional Care oriental rug cleaning service is best for antique, very finely woven, silk highlighted or fragile rugs.

Rugs and carpets that are heavily soiled, are pet stained or have strong pet odors, or have other significant stains also benefit from this service.

This is not a single process, but any number of more time consuming specialty processes to meet the needs of Oriental rugs that require more than regular maintenance to make them look their best.

When we “hand clean” a rug, we use soft, hand-held brushes, never rotary scrubbing machines that can damage fragile rugs. All these rugs are hand rinsed on our washing floor utilizing large volumes of water. Removal of significant spots or stains requires skill, patience and time, all are part of this process.

Antique Oriental Rugs
Other rugs requiring more intensive care

3. Additional Services

Moth Protection

A mildew, fungus, and bacterial treatment for removing the source of odors from pets, mildew, etc., not a perfume to mask the odor. Smoke and soot odors from fires and furnace puff backs are specially treated.

Our treatment is not a pesticide. The larvae reject the taste of the wool when this treatment is applied. To monitor if you have any activity in your home call and ask us about Pheromone Traps.

We have used 3M ScotchgardTM for many years and have had excellent results. It is very helpful in preventing permanent staining, and will help to make regular vacuuming more effective by removing more soil.

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  • We don’t only ‘know cleaning’, but also know Oriental rugs and can identify their type, age and value.

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