Our Levels of Service

Unlike some Oriental rug cleaners that only offer one rug cleaning process, we offer different levels of services, and we have the equipment to do so.

Maintenance Care

This is our general cleaning category for rugs in stable condition that have been reasonably well maintained. Learn more about Maintenance Care

Restoration Care

For antique, very finely woven, silk highlighted or fragile rugs, also those that are heavily soiled or with significant stains. Learn more about Restoration Care

Museum Curatorial

A specialized discipline for Oriental rugs with high art value that are not in functional use. Learn more about Museum Curatorial

Why Choose Grillo for Your Oriental Rug Cleaning

“Knowledge is experience. The rest is just information.” – Albert Einstein

Oriental rug owners look to Oriental rug dealers as a source of authority for the cleaning of their rugs. These dealers seldom have Oriental rug cleaning expertise or a facility to do so, subcontracting their clients’ rugs to others where the rugs are not under their care or control.

All of our work is done LOCALLY in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility, designed, engineered and equipped with specialized equipment to meet the cleaning and restoration needs of all types of Oriental rugs, including precious antiques and silks.  When you send your rugs to us you know where they are!

Oriental rugs require both routine maintenance and a cleaning methodology different from other types of carpet cleaning and cannot be properly cleaned in the home.

The great diversity of weaves, condition, age and types of soil found in Oriental rugs must be treated differently in order to safely and thoroughly remove both the abrasive grit and the atmospheric soils that dull their colors and to best preserve them.

Our staff of skilled artisans employed here for many years is able to recognize all these details.  Our knowledge of both Oriental rugs and hands-on Oriental rug cleaning experience truly is unique.

We respect Oriental rugs as an art form, and protect their intrinsic and artistic value with our care. Our considerable investment in our own facility stands testimony to our values.