Additional Services

Pet Problems

Oriental rug pet accidents can cause permanent damage to the wool fiber or dye, especially if left untreated. By doing special enzyme soaks and intense rinsing along with treatment to remove the source of odor, we can prevent these contaminants from causing further damage. Stain removal and color restoration are sometimes possible. Free Oriental rug stain removal guide.

Oriental Rug Deodorizing

A mildew, fungus, and bacterial treatment for removing the source of odors from pets, mildew, etc., not a perfume to mask the odor.  Smoke and soot odors from fires and furnace puff backs are specially treated.

Moth Protection

Our treatment is not a pesticide.  The larvae reject the taste of the wool when this treatment is applied.  To monitor if you have any activity in your home call and ask us about Pheromone Traps. Learn more about moth damage.

Wool Protector

We have used 3M Scotchgard™ for many years and have had excellent results. It is very helpful in preventing permanent staining, and will help to make regular vacuuming more effective by removing more soil.

Color Run Removal

Color runs occur when a color becomes fugitive and bleeds into adjacent colors.   They are most caused by various liquid spills or water leaks in the home.  Our experience, skill and chemistry knowledge has enabled us to remove such color runs in many cases restoring significant value.


Occasionally Oriental rugs, Aubussons and Needlepoint carpets come out of shape.  Oriental rugs which have a flaw in their weaving may not lie flat on the floor.  Utilizing a specialized technique of carefully stretching the carpet we can rectify these types of problems.

Oriental Rug Padding

We seek out the best quality available on the market for our clients.  All of the Padding we sell is made from recycled fibers and can add life to your rug.   Absorbing impact they increase carpet life and in the case of scatters and runners prevent sliding on the floor.  As Oriental rugs are often not perfectly straight we custom cut it to fit your rug.