Our Processes & How They Benefit Your Oriental and Area Rugs

Our rug cleaning process is safe for your rug and home. We give each rug individualized care using different techniques, levels of service and have the proper equipment to do so.


Picked up at your home or brought to our facility an experienced staff member first examines the condition of your rug.  It is documented on your work order utilizing 55 different conditions and any special client concerns.  This thoroughness assures that all of your rugs’ needs are met during our cleaning process.

Grit & Dust Removal

Our process thoroughly removes the deeply embedded grit, dust, pet dander, etc. in your rug which is critical to the continued health of your rug and family.  We use several methods to do this prior to the wash.

Our Star Wheel Duster is unmatched for removing grit from thick or very dense rugs.  Ours is the only one operative in New England.  We use an alternative Rug Dusting Machine to remove the ground in gritty dirt from older or fragile rugs.


We only use surfactants that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  These surfactant are proven safe for wool and its dyes.  Ours is not a fully automated system like a car wash.   We are able to give individual care and attend to any specific needs of your rug.   What we do on our wash floor is determined by the condition and soil found in your rug.  The fringes are given careful attention.  When Hand Cleaning  Grillo’s staff only utilizes hand held brushes, which deliver the gentle mechanical action that is required and implied by the term “hand cleaning.”  A thorough rinsing is then given.


An extended drying time is harmful to the Oriental rug cleaning process, and can cause a multitude of problems, including color bleeding and browning. Our rubber squeeze rollers are able to extract the rug more than 90% of the water.

All rugs are then carefully manicured and brushed before entering our engineered dry room with humidistatic controls for safe and effective drying.

Final Inspection

After drying is completed each rug is vacuumed and then spot treated for any stains which may not have come out during the wash.  Fringes may then be redone in order to look their best.  The team member who completes the final inspection signs off on that tag.