Healthier Home

For many years cleaning oriental rugs was all about preserving the beauty and value of the rugs. We realized that dust and grit were injurious to the health of the rug also masking the true colors.  Its removal became the critical focus of our cleaning process.

Many studies over the recent years have found that this dust contains contaminants which have now been recognized as a source of health problems in the home.  The dust in rugs has been found to contain many allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold and lead which can settle into the pile of your rug.   These contaminants can be kicked up into the air and can contribute to various health problems.  Allergies and asthma can be provoked by what is contained in this dust and grit.  Children who may crawl or play on your rugs are particularly susceptible for asthma and for lead poisoning in homes older than 1978.   Federal and state agencies have published much on this topic.*

We can assure you that our dust and grit removal process which utilizes both our proprietary Star Wheel and Rug Duster is formidable.  It cannot be equaled by any other form of vacuuming or method.  Our thorough washing and rinsing techniques emulsify and float away fine particulate matter.  Our final vacuum with a Certified Hepa Pile Brush completes our process bringing you a Healthier Home!

You can play a role in having a Healthier Home; vacuum your rug frequently and send it to us for cleaning regularly.

*See EPA.GOV search for Healthy Homes: there are many articles and studies.
*MASS.GOV search for Allergies, Asthma and Building Housekeeping.