Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my Oriental Rugs be professionally cleaned?

As a rule of thumb, Oriental rugs should be professionally cleaned every three to five years, depending on whether or not the rug is placed in an area exposed to a lot of soil.

How can I tell if my Oriental rug needs professional cleaning?

You can bend back the nap of the rug gently, to expose the fibers at the base of the knots. If you see dirt or grit that regular vacuuming hasn’t removed, the rug needs professional care. Also, move any piece of furniture that covers part of the rug, and compare that section with the rest of the rug. If the colors look different, it’s time for a professional cleaning. You can get more detail in our article on how to tell when your rug needs cleaning.

Should I vacuum my Oriental rug?

Give your Oriental rug a thorough vacuuming at least once a week if possible. Use a good vacuum cleaner with a motor driven beater bar. Never use a broom on Oriental rugs: the sharp straws can do damage. Old, antique or thin very finely woven rugs require special attention. They should be placed in low-traffic areas, and are best cleaned weekly with a carpet sweeper or suction-only vacuum with a floor brush attachment.  See our post on the best equipment and method for vacuuming.


Some General Oriental Rug Care Tips and Suggestions

  • Never put a potted plant or ceramics on a rug without leaving an air space.
  • Rotate your Oriental rugs every 12 months.
  • Insure your Oriental rugs for “all risks.”
  • Examine fringes and edges periodically. It’s where you’ll most often find signs of wear.
  • Attending to them promptly is quite important. Use an appropriate type of padding.
  • Use protective cups under the legs of heavy furniture: This will prevent both pile damage and rust stains from contact with metal.
  • Get good quality doormats constructed to act like a brush. It is a good way to prevent gritty soil from entering your home.
  • Have your rugs treated with Scotchgard: It helps to prevent permanent staining, and vacuuming will remove more soil.