Rug Care & Emergencies

Some General Oriental Rug Care Tips and Suggestions

  • Never put a potted plant or ceramics on a rug without leaving an air space.
  • Rotate your Oriental rugs every 12 months.
  • Insure your Oriental rugs for “all risks.”
  • Examine fringes and edges periodically. It’s where you’ll most often find signs of wear.
  • Attending to them promptly is quite important. Use an appropriate type of padding.
  • Use protective cups under the legs of heavy furniture: This will prevent both pile damage and rust stains from contact with metal.
  • Get good quality doormats constructed to act like a brush. It is a good way to prevent gritty soil from entering your home.
  • Have your rugs treated with Scotchgard: It helps to prevent permanent staining, and vacuuming will remove more soil.

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