Restoration Care

Our Restoration Care oriental rug cleaning service is best for antique, very finely woven, silk highlighted or fragile rugs.

Rugs and carpets that are heavily soiled, are pet stained or have strong pet odors, or have other significant stains also benefit from this service.

This is not a single process, but any number of more time consuming specialty processes to meet the needs of Oriental rugs that require more than regular maintenance to make them look their best.

When we “hand clean” a rug, we use soft, hand-held brushes, never rotary scrubbing machines that can damage fragile rugs.  All these rugs are hand rinsed on our washing floor utilizing large volumes of water.  Removal of significant spots or stains requires skill, patience and time, all are part of this process.

Learn more about our processes and why they are better for your treasured oriental rugs and carpets.