Ferraghan #8596 – 7' 6" x 10' 6'

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  • Preview center-left section of rug
  • Preview top-right section of rug
  • Preview top left section of rug
  • Preview middle section of rug

Introducing the Ferraghan rug, a beautiful and timeless addition to any home. This exquisite piece measures 7′ 6″ x 10′ 6″ and originates from Iran, a country renowned for its rich tradition of rug making. The Ferraghan rug is a blend of intricate design and vibrant colors, making it a standout piece that can elevate the decor of any room.

The Ferraghan rug features a classic Persian design, highlighted by detailed floral patterns and a harmonious color palette. The rich reds, blues, and golds create a striking visual impact, while the floral motifs add an element of sophistication. Every detail of the design is meticulously hand-knotted, showcasing the skill and dedication of the artisans who crafted it. The contrasting dark blue border frames the central pattern beautifully, enhancing its overall appeal.

Crafted from high-quality wool, the Ferraghan rug offers both visual and tactile luxury. The plush wool ensures a soft, comfortable feel underfoot, while the dense pile construction provides durability and resilience against wear and tear. This makes the Ferraghan rug an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in your home, such as living rooms, dining rooms, or entryways. Its robust build and timeless design ensure that it will remain a cherished part of your decor for years to come.

Priced at $5900 at the Grillo Outlet, the Ferraghan rug represents an exceptional value for those looking to add a touch of elegance and tradition to their home. This luxurious piece is more than just a rug; it is a work of art that brings history, culture, and beauty into your living space.