Jaipur #7773 – 5'11" x 8'10"

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  • Preview center-left section of rug
  • Preview top-right section of rug
  • Preview top left section of rug
  • Preview middle section of rug

Introducing the Jaipur rug, a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship that echoes the rich heritage of India. Measuring 5’11” x 8’10”, this rug is an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance the elegance of their home decor with a piece that combines timeless style with exquisite detail. The intricate floral motifs and luxurious border that define this rug are a testament to the skilled artisans who weave each piece with care and precision.

The Jaipur rug’s subtle cream and vibrant red palette ensure it can seamlessly integrate into and elevate any room setting, from the classical to the contemporary. It’s not just a rug; it’s a centerpiece that invites admiration and conversation, perfect for the living room, dining area, or a sophisticated bedroom setting.

At Grillo Outlet, we pride ourselves on offering unique, high-quality pieces at exceptional prices. The Jaipur rug, with its detailed craftsmanship and elegant design, is available for $1050, providing both luxury and affordability. This rug not only adds beauty and warmth to your space but also brings a piece of Indian culture into your home, making it a valuable addition to any interior.