Motasham Design #7513 – 8'10" x 12'6"

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  • Preview center-left section of rug
  • Preview top-right section of rug
  • Preview top left section of rug
  • Preview middle section of rug

Introducing the exquisite Motasham Design rug, a piece that embodies the rich tapestry of Indian craftsmanship. Measuring an elegant 8’10” x 12’6″, this rug is a testament to the meticulous artistry and cultural heritage that has been woven into its fabric.

The Motasham Design features a sophisticated array of motifs, including intricate floral and vine patterns, set against a lush, neutral backdrop. This combination not only enhances its visual appeal but also makes it versatile enough to complement any room, whether it’s a formal dining area, a cozy living space, or a regal bedroom setting.

Crafted in India, each strand of this rug tells a story of tradition and skill, making it not just a decorative piece but an heirloom that carries the whispers of its origin. Its hand-knotted wool construction promises durability and a soft underfoot experience, ensuring that it is as practical as it is beautiful.

Available exclusively at Grillo Outlet for $3750, the Motasham Design rug is poised to be a valuable addition to your home decor collection. It stands as a symbol of luxury and elegance, offering both timeless style and enduring quality.