Peshawar #8142-5 – 9 x 11' 9"

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  • Preview center-left section of rug
  • Preview top-right section of rug
  • Preview top left section of rug
  • Preview middle section of rug

Introducing the Peshawar rug, a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic elegance. Originating from Pakistan, this exquisite rug measures 9 feet by 11 feet 9 inches, perfectly suited for spacious rooms that aim to make a sophisticated statement.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Peshawar rug features a serene palette of soft blues and creams, accented by intricate motifs in a warm taupe. The design is a harmonious blend of floral and geometric patterns, reflecting the rich heritage and skilled artistry of Pakistani weavers. This rug is not just a floor covering but a piece of art that brings timeless elegance and a sense of history to any interior.

The Peshawar rug is ideal for those who appreciate luxury and want to invest in high-quality, durable decor. Its dense, soft pile provides a luxurious feel underfoot, making it a delightful addition to living areas, dining rooms, or large hallways. Furthermore, the natural dyes and hand-spun wool ensure that each rug is unique, with slight variations that add character and authenticity.

Enhance your home decor with the Peshawar rug, available exclusively at the Grillo Outlet for $3700. This rug promises not only to beautify your space but also to offer durability and comfort that will last for generations. Whether you are decorating a new home or updating your existing decor, the Peshawar rug is a perfect choice that combines beauty with practicality.