Geometric Tribal & Village Oriental Rugs

Scattered throughout the rug producing countries of the Middle East are numerous tribal groups of various ethnic origins, the remnants of various historic migrations or incursions.  For example, The “TURKS” of the Republic of Turkey are comprised of numerous tribal groups such as the AK KOYUNLU, KARAKOYUNLU and YURUKS etc.  The same is true of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Within these countries are KURDS, UZBEKS, TURKOMANS, HAZARA, BELOUCHI, and numerous TURKIC tribes.  Nomadism is virtually gone but there are still some semi nomadic groups, others have become sedentary villagers living in rural areas. Some of their weavings are geometric in design and others create VILLAGE RUGS with stylized floral rectilinear designs.  In this weaving discipline there is no preplanned design.  This allows the weavers, for the most part women, to exercise their own creativity which adds individuality and charm.  All the more remarkable because they carry the designs in their heads!  There is a continued cultural inheritance and integrity in these rugs and as such many are at the level of folk art.  These are for the most part small productions, non commercial in nature, which do not appear in the market frequently and we never know if we will be able to replace what we sell.  They are to my mind eminently collectable.