Antique Oriental Rugs & Antique Look Rugs

I had been employed in the Oriental rug trade since 1959 and when I first started my own business in 1966 it was buying and selling old and antique Oriental rugs.  The previous two years had been spent working for Mustapha Avigdor born in 1879, one of the luminaries of the Boston Oriental rug trade.  He was renowned as a specialist dealer in antique Oriental rugs long before it was fashionable.  His inventory of Antique Oriental Rugs, much of which he had acquired over decades, was large and comprehensive in all sizes including palace sized carpets.  My full access to this “study collection” was a rare opportunity that formed the basis for my education and enthusiasm. While the supply of old and antique Oriental rugs continues to diminish we always have a few good pieces to offer which we purchase from our cleaning clients or estates.

Starting in Turkey with The D.O.B.A.G. Project (a Turkish acronym for Natural Dye Research and Development Project) some years ago, there has been a veritable renaissance of traditional weaving practices throughout the rug producing countries of the East.  The success of this project, along with the astronomical rise of antique rug prices gave impetus to a cultural revival of weaving reproductions of highly desirable antique rugs utilizing vegetable dyed and hand spun wool.  We have an exemplary selection that I have chosen based on my experience and knowledge of what a good antique rug should look like in color and design.  Our collection represents reproductions of some of the best weaving centers such as of SERAPI, KARAJA, SULTANABAD, and legendary master weavers such as Hadji Jalil and Zeigler.