Antique Oriental Rugs & Antique Look Rugs

While the supply of old and antique Oriental rugs continues to diminish, Grillo always has a few good pieces to offer that we purchase from our cleaning clients or estates. We can help you select the best rug for your home.

There has been a renaissance of traditional weaving practices throughout the rug producing countries of the East. This, along with the astronomical rise of antique rug prices, gave impetus to a cultural revival of weaving reproductions of highly desirable antique rugs utilizing vegetable-dyed and hand-spun wool.

We have an exemplary selection of reproduction rugs chosen by owner George Grillo based on his 55 years experience of what a good antique rug should look like in color and design.

For more information, see our post on Antique and Antique look rugs and what to look for in when judging the condition of an antique rug.