Traditional Bidjar Oriental Rugs

Authentic BIDJAR carpets are woven in Persian Kurdistan, a mountainous undeveloped province of Iran inhabited largely by Kurds of various tribal groups. Their remote rural lifestyle, different language, and Sunni traditions has isolated the Kurdish people and impeded development, making Kurdistan a separate country within the country. However, an effect of these socio-economic issues means Bidjar rugs have an extremely favorable quality to value/price and designs and colors have not been affected by Western design or decorating influences. As such, they preserve a rich cultural heritage with a special place in the Oriental rug world.

Bidjars also have a construction unlike any other rugs woven in Iran or the Middle East. The wefts (the thread that runs across the width of the rug) are literally hammered down and produce a very tough, dense and finely-woven carpet which has been dubbed “The Iron Rug of The East.”

The BIDJARS on this page are a just a sample of the rugs found in our showroom, open seven days a week.

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